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3am by Blaze
15 April, 2006, 1:50 pm
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Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world: now could I drink hot blood,
And do such bitter business as the day
Would quake to look on.

- Shakespeare, Hamlet.

The Witching Hour… or is it? This is something I heard a little about a long time ago (almost 15 years now) and was recently reacquainted with after watching a film currently playing on screens. I must admit that it was interesting to say the least and while I do not subscribe to the associated religion that comes with this ‘unholy trinity’ I found myself looking into it a little more. My reasons for this was to see if there were any such occurrences within other mainstream faiths today or whether or not such activities could be traced back into the past.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of this aforementioned film it seems that the web has been swamped with accounts of strange behaviour regarding this time. As one would expect, the majority of these accounts are all based within the U.S.

For those unaware about the 3am phenomena it is presented by many Christians as being the true ‘Witching Hour’ or ‘Devil’s Hour’ when Demons and Spirits are strongest. This is apparently in mockery of the supposed hour of Christ’s death at 3pm. Since the majority of Western civilisation has at some point become saturated with the bloody symbolism of Christianity, it is understandable that many will think twice when glancing at their bedside alarm clocks late at night. Time Zones and seasonal variances are not applicable in determining this hour. To think that they are is overlooking the possible origins of such phenomena. Time is perceived in many different ways (whether fast or slow) and therefore whenever 3am rolls around for the person(s) in question then it doesn’t matter if it is two hours later in another city or lunch time around the other side of the world.

Of course, there are many problems with the 3am theory. Perhaps the most glaring of these is the idea that nothing ever happened at night before the death of Christ. If 3am mocks the supposed death of Christ at 3pm then what did the demons do before that? What about all the history leading up to the supposed time of Christ?

Other faiths have there demons too, however, they seem less inclined to leave their beds at such a prescribed time. 3am seems to be an exclusive part of Christianity — once more providing artists, authors, musicians and a host of others with some wonderful material of the gothic and macabre.

However, there is something to the idea whether you are or aren’t of any particular faith. I know a few people of different faiths (and none at all) that have told me of some odd experiences or sensations happening to them during the early hours of the morning, usually between 3am to 4am. Nothing so fantastic as the manifestation of demons or such but certainly a feeling of a presence being in the room with them or of doors that they felt they had shut having been found ajar. Others have declared a general occurrence of the singular, extending to those awake during those hours. Radio or TV shows playing music that triggers certain memories, electrical faults taking place, or even insightful understanding of previously confounding problems in their lives.

3am is a time sometimes associated with the deepest levels of sleep – the REM stage – whereupon we dream. Even staying up through the night we all tend to reach that threshold where we are about to succumb to sleep and turn to opening windows, having a shower, or drinking coffee in order to stay awake. The brain begins to process surroundings and events somewhat differently at this time which can lead to a sensation of something odd taking place or experiencing greater meaning from everyday items or sensory stimulants such as Radio and TV.

[It could be that at this awakened stage our tired minds relax their hold upon perceived reality and allow us to 'open up' to other perceptions. The opening of normally closed doorways within the mind that can lead to a greater self understanding or to answers to questions we do not normally know how to ask. It is also possible that we open doors to questions we are not yet ready to ask and those we consider threatening or terrifying.]

Sometimes during this deep stage of sleep people encounter what is known as the ‘Hag Phenomenon‘ or Sleep Paralysis (hypnogogic/hypnopompic paralysis). This condition is commonly referred to as the Hag Phenomenon because of the old beliefs that it was caused by evil spirits, demons, ghosts or hags sitting on the chest and attempting to hurt the sleeping person. Without going into too much detail, the phenomenon results in becoming alert mentally but finding an inability to move or vocalize after being asleep. The body shuts down certain motor signals during REM sleep to prevent us from acting out our dreams, yet occasionally as the mind moves through the stages of sleep and comes back to the lightest phase of sleep there is a brief moment when the mind gets to an aware stage before the body does. It is for these few seconds (that can feel much longer or even be prolonged) that the now lucid mind realizes that the body cannot move. There are a number of effects associated with this phenomena some of which I have listed below:

  • Inability to move legs, arms or even torso;
  • Inability to vocalize;
  • The feeling of pressure on chest, as if someone was sitting or pressing on it, even a strangling or attacked feeling;
  • Feeling of choking or inability to breath;
  • Reactions such as terror, dread, panic;
  • Auditory hallucination – such as ringing, whistling, breathing, rustling, scratching, buzzing, knocking, animal noises, music, moaning, laughing and even footsteps. Sometimes distinct voices or phrases are reported. Some sounds are very ‘natural’; some are extremely loud or piercing. It is notable that they are most often reported as very clearly “external” – not “in the head”;
  • Floating or out of body feeling, feeling of levitation or sinking;
  • Seeing or sensing a presence in the room. Often it is reported to be looking down or watching the person experiencing it, is usually dark, most often human shaped but can be vague or amorphous, or even animal shaped;

Clearly, it can be seen how such brain activity upon our bodies, when influenced by certain religious/social beliefs, can be thought of as a demonic attack or other such supernatural occurrence. This all goes some way into explaining those that report extraterrestrial encounters or abduction (in this case the demons are replaced by cultural imagery). Events such as these occurring before the supposed death of Christ would clearly be explained in ways that reflected the religion/folk lore of the time or region.

There is of course the argument that the spiritual in this has been overlooked. Could it not be that those people that are more emotionally fragile or empathic are more open to the world? Such states can often be induced when one is brought up in an excessively religious household, whereupon the world around them becomes easily distorted. Energy that exists within the word can take wide and varied forms and, under different conditions, can be shaped by ourselves. If we think of this energy, as humanity often does with the formless, in anthropomorphic terms as akin to an artist’s mannequin then we simply add the designs if you will, and shape it to fit that which we will.

Demons are what we will? Well, no, but the unfortunate aspect of mainstream faiths are the divisions they create in our psyche as regards good and evil. Many are afraid to look within themselves and embrace the whole of their being, the reconciliation of the ego and the shadow. The result of this is the creation of our own demons which our minds readily clothe with whatever imagery we associate with fear. By giving them a concept we give them belief and therefore power to act while attributing them to external forces thus dividing ourselves from the whole. We give names to our demons and there is great power in names.

3am – the ‘middle’ of the ‘night’ hours. A place where we face ourselves in the arena of our minds.

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Just saw the movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

Definitely goes along with the 3am, witching hour premise. A really interesting film.–>

Comment by Robyn Graves

[...] I was completely unaware of the 3AM phenomenon when I posted this. Tags:Chip’s Quips: addiction, afterlife, alcohol, california, chicago, [...]

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Woke up last night at exactly 3am. Went to the bathroom and shut my bedroom door. ( basement bedroom bathroom is in the room right next to the bedroom door). Was in the bathroom when the bedroom door burst open. Never ran so fast back to bed! lol… I once in awhile will wake up at 3 am or 3:30 am exactly with a feeling like I am not alone, usually I stay in bed other times I am extremely thirsty…lol

Comment by Sonya

I am curious aboutthe 3am thing. I have been waking at thia hour for sometime. I am immediately alert and feel the urgency to be doing something. Yet, I don’t know what I am supposed to be doing. Often during these times when I fall asleep(before I awake at 3) I hear what I think is a knocking on the door and someone calling out my name loudly. Any thoughts or input on this?

Comment by Melodi

I believe you. I was up late a lot last year because of a 3 a.m. incident where I couldn’t fall asleep until the sun was coming up for a long time, anyway, I was once in the bathroom when I heard humming coming from the bathtub, I had someone over that night you see. So I rushed to her and told her, and we both walked out, went into the bathroom and turned the light off and went back into the kitchen, we then heard something from the bathroom fall, and looked back. The light flickered back on and the door closed by itself. That’s just one of the many experiences I went through.

Comment by Jessi

I am a meet child but Ik a lot about the number three, I believe it is definetly linked to demons….. Look at the time you posted your comment it is 9:06 am take 9-6 which = 3 am, this is a hidden factor in many comments. Whether it is pm or am, three keeps appearing, something had drawn you hear at this time to post this comment at this time.

Comment by Sam

Could be you are being prompted to pray. Many satanists actually do their prayer during this time. As far as your name being called:

Comment by David Gutierrez

I’m curious did anyone respond to your comment,as to what is happening? I to am awakened by a knock.

Comment by connie lynn cole

whenever you wake up around this time you need to pray and cover you and your family in the blood of Jesus Christ!!!

Comment by iha

I was just re-reading your entry on 3am. On your checklist of deep stage sleep, I have experienced all of this many times. I have always believed to be dreaming through these episodes. Yet, on two seperate occassions, it has been witnessed. What I believed to be a bad dream was apparently something real. It was described to me from the person who witnessed that they were unable to enter the room to help me. I was begging for help(which I thought I had dreamnt doing) there was a sort of mist over me(I never saw it, but felt immense pressure) Please do not hink me crazy. I am a professional person, not prone to sensationalized fantasy, etc. I am seriously asking if anyone else understands this. I know I am not alone. This started when I was near my 14th birthday. My daughter will be turning 14. Trying to get a clue…..

Comment by Melodi

Hello Melodi,

I understand what your explaining. I too have experienced something similar years ago. First, a noise of footsteps…closer and closer…finally, stopping @ the foot of my bed…I never felt such terror before..suddenly, an immense pressure upon my chest and I could speak. I had to struggle tremendously to remove the covers from my body. And, I saw nothing. But I know I was not alone. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clock at that time. I still find myself awakening more that seldom around the 3am period.

Comment by sid kota

I believe you. This use to happen to me often. I was single, and every time whomever I was going out with would have the same things happen to them, and see shadows running around the room etc. If you want to know more let me know. I to am a professional person, and felt crazy at first.

Comment by David Gutierrez

Yes, David, please tell more. Devils have free sway mostly without the protection and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Comment by Darryl

I too am a professional and hadn’t really thought much about the “3am” phenomenon concerning an event that had occurred to my family and me Christmas morning. Yes, some could think this was crazy, except for two things… 1. I had 4 witnesses; wife, son, inlaws. 2. I pulled out my video camera and kept filming for the next two hours. So what’s your story?

Comment by Cornel

Regardless of what religion you are I would advise you to get a prayer for praying to St. Michael for protection. I do it every day.
I’ve been looking into this stuff because I know for a fact God and his Angels have communicated with me before. I know now we have a force of pure evil trying to strangle us to death. If you’re not religious I’d start praying and look into enhancing your ESP gifts. Everyone has one; look up Julie Soskin on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. She has a book of tests to direct you in what strengths you have and how to strengthen them. You may want to refresh your exposure to the bible to. There are a lot of clues in that. Good luck!

Comment by Mark H

I hope you are doing very well now that six years have past. But let me just say one thing most people do not think of this first, but I am 13, my theory is always discluded. I conclude that math is directly linked to when people think of demonic entities or are over come for instance your 14th birthday. 4-1=3 I really hopes this helps…. Look at the time other people posted their comment, for some reason many will equal three. I hope you can believe my theory, I hope nothing happened to your daughter.

Comment by Sam

I have encountered something similar but I was at a really young age when it all started. I was about 9 years old and I use to wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t say it was always 3am but I would wake up or I would already be awake and would hear something whispering my name over and over. I have a big family so I would have to sleep in the living room and I would hear it coming from the hall way and there were a couple of times I would see these 2 red eyes appear and then 2 more. There were a total of 6 red eyes but it looked like they were attached to one body. It got so bad that would have to sleep with the t.v. and I would cover my eyes with something. After a while it kind of stopped it then when I was about 16 I had pulled up next to this church and was talking to my girlfriend at the time and it was about 12am when we were sitting in the car and we began to hear mumbling and it sounded like it was getting closer and louder too. We decided to see if it was in our heads and that we weren’t crazy so we went back to my house and I got my brother and a few friends to go with us back to that church parking lot, parked in the same spot and sure enough they all heard it too. My finally told me about a month ago that when she was in the house we were staying at and she would be alone that she would grab our dog and would shut her bedroom door that our fog would sit at the foot of the door and would suddenly start barking at nothing. We then moved up a couple of streets and that’s when things started to get really crazy for me. I was about 19 when we had moved. There was one night that will never forget, I was dead asleep when I suddenly felt someone slam their hands down on my bed on each side of my legs and it shook my bed so hard it scared the crap out of me!! I woke up immediately but I couldn’t move my body or my head and I couldn’t talk but as soon as I could I got up turned my tv on and there wasn’t anything there. That was the strangest thing I had happen to me in a long time. I have moved around alot since then and I am currently living in my city I grew up in. I am 23 now and it’s been about a month or so that I have been waking up at almost the same time every night 3:03-3:26am every night. It was about a week ago when I heard a very distinct voice or to me it sounded like 2 voices as 1 a women and a male. It sayed “That all you got” it scared the crap out of me because I wasn’t in a deep sleep at this point and I heard it right next to my ear. I keep waking up at this time and I don’t understand why??

Comment by John

the more you think about these *events* and fill these thoughts with your fear/anger the stronger the thing or connection becomes, evrything needs supplies to keep going/working even if it’s only the thoughts/emotions or belief.
In other words happy thoughts and either strongly
1.deny it’s existance in your mind, try to imagine it dissapearing, blowing up or some form that you think will destroy it (it can be a black hole sucking it in or bright light making the shadow fade away etc.), if you haven’t seen how it looks like, then whatever you imagine u need to make sure that your mind knows that what you are expiriancing and the form you imagine it to be, are the same thing.
2.belive in something powerfull that can stop it and save u, try some religion and gather some items that are considered holy/special for the religion of your choice it might protect you.
I would go with the second choice, because you have been feeding it for years and it might hold psyhical power, I’m sure it wouldn’t want to waste the stored energy to hurt you unless u anger it by trying to ignore and destroy it.
also I would strongly advise you to ask your family and close friends if they had any of these expiriances before you attempt to destroy it, if it happens that they do expiriance these things then you won’t be able to destroy it yourself, it will remain within them but still affect you, only option in that case is to protect yourself with beliving in god and try avoiding negative emotions.

There are many things I could do in your case if we switched places, but u are on your own, use your head and try to figure things out, information is power, getting it isn’t always easy but not knowing makes you live in fear of the unknown, I could try to help u if you explain evrything in detail that is going on.

Comment by Karol

it tends to happen periodically but it always comes back at the age of 23 starting to get real, you can look around for other ppl expiriances and I’m sure you will find out more, does it occur more often at the time of winter and if youre awake in the night does the feeling stop around 6.30-7 a.m?.

Comment by Karol

A Belated Welcome To The Mind’s Eye,

We must approach these “experiences” with a great deal of skepticism. In my previous life….as a Bible Thumper….I perceived lots of things in ways which were skewed by my worldview. The more I’ve studied and experienced of life…the more skeptical I have to be…especially creepy things which might be perceived as some kind of malevolent spiritual activity. I used to be involved in “ministry” to people claiming to be attacked or possessed by evil spirits….I did my best to help them in that idiom…as I reflect back on it….I can say very truthfully that most often the greatest influence over us which gives birth to these “experiences” is our own subconscious…unresolved struggles which the mind desperately tries to sort out. Your experiences which began close to your 14th birthday must clearly be linked to that….the formation of the mind and body from child to adult is a difficult change and many people , young men and women, have all kinds of experiences as they reach and experience puberty. No…you are definitely perceiving something…keep an open mind about what it might be…but rest assured it’s not something that others haven’t also experienced as well. Just be there for your daughter…if she has such experiences…try to share something of yours with her…but resist the temptation to make a firm judgement about what’s happened to you. The other person or persons involved in your experiences may have been also going through their own experiences….and so they were very easily drawn into….they may have influenced their or your perceptions of what was happening. Again…the main thing is to try and not panic and make them more than they are…look within yourself for the answers and encourage your daughter to do likewise…your subconscious may desperately want you to face some issues that you’ve avoided…and the forthcoming birthday of your daughter is giving you a new chance to face these issues in your own life. It’s probably healthier to think of it as a “dream-like” experience as things seemed to be happening which are out of the ordinary. You were certainly in an altered state of consciousness…and as such the regular ways we perceive and explain things don’t apply easily. In Blaze’s article I think you can see the reality of what was happening. Try to find ways to get more in touch with your “mind’s eye”…try not to worry or let it disturb you….there are answers that I’m sure you can find…..if you look within. Blessings In Darkness And Light

Comment by Robyn Graves

What if these expriences were witnessed by several other people? What if they went along with “supernatural” awake occurances? I respect what you are saying about keeping an open mind.

Comment by David Gutierrez

I wonder if there’s a more simplistic side to the “3am phenomena”. It seems to be worldwide that when the spirit or soul or mind (whatever) is in great distress (whether it is a broken heart or highly stressful living situations…anything really), that 3am is the typical “sleepless hour”. Its in a lot of literature. And I’ve experienced this type of phenomena a lot.

The Bible actually mentions the 3rd watch a lot – Song of Songs comes to mind, as the beloved is searching the streets for her lover. 3rd watch of the night usually came on about 3 am. It was about that time (according to Matthew) that Jesus was in his deepest moments of distress in Gethsamane…

The idea that demons and spirits are most prevalent at this time doesn’t necessarily have to be evidenced by ghost sitings and such =p It could be when those demons and spirits are most likely to plague your mind and rob you of your sleep and peace of mind…

I wonder if the discipline of psychology has contributed any light to this 3AM phenomena idea…

Comment by Curious

I had a dream I was being possessed by demons, I woke up and it was pitch black. I checked the time on my mobile phone clock and it was… 3:13am. I went up to get a drink and felt this vague sensation of dread as I walked around the house. All the dark places in the house spooked me, I felt like something was there lurking around in the dark places watching me.

I remember another 3am experience. One time I was suffering from a lot of anxiety and depression, I would fall asleep and my dreams would be deeply troubled and disturbing in nature. Around 3am I woke up and gasped, I felt this horrible fear like I was slipping into an abyss and the fear became so great it started to become like a physical pain in my chest. Somehow I managed to force myself back to sleep.

Comment by persephone

In the last week or so, my 20-month-old son has been waking between 3 and 4 in the morning and screaming for me to come get him from his room. When I go to his room and get him, he seems distressed and scared. I initially mistook his fear for pain and a couple of times medicated him with infants’ Motrin, and gas drops just in case it was a tummy ache from something he’d eaten.

Two nights ago I realized that he was waking up if not at the exact same time every night, at least during the same 60 minute period – 3:00 – 4:00AM. After last night, I finally stopped denying the nagging feeling I had that something wasn’t right, and that he wasn’t just waking up every morning at the same time for the hell of it. So, today (2/26/08) I have started doing internet searches on “3AM” and the “evil hour” and am disturbed to find what I kind of already knew was true.

The night before last, I let him cry himself back to sleep (which took WAY longer than is normal for him) because it was my fourth night in a row of not getting much sleep. Well, now feel like the worst mom in the world because I am certain that something evil was disturbing my boy and I didn’t come to his aid.

I will most likely sleep in his room with him tonight and see if I experience anything abnormal.

Comment by Michele


Comment by SAMM NUNEZ

A friend just pointed me to this post, because I’ve been blogging about how my television keeps turning on between 3 and 4 AM.

Very interesting post! I was not at all aware of this phenomenon.

Comment by Tish


Comment by jay

Just in the beginings of an auto-biography and was interested in whether anyone else had experiences at 3am and was surprised, mine was supernatural, dead on 3 am i was awake, and it will never be forgot, an encounter that must be written about, which happen at 17 yrs, 1973.

Comment by debz

Three AM/3AM I am told by possessed souls that the demons are most active and strong because the soul is least protected and most relaxed. The Christian will not be actively thinking about his ‘armour’.

I have wondered WHY the Lord Jesus did this: Mark 1:35 And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

I believe now that a primary reason was to combat the devils active at this time. One would have to go to bed early to get up at that time!:)

Comment by Vin

I think there may be something to this. I’m noticing more resistance to prayer at this time. And when I do pray at this hour it’s a fight within me to focus thanking and praising God. At 4AM it suddenly becomes noticeably easier. These spirits don’t want us praying at all but the 3AM thing seems to add up like it isn’t a coincidence at all.

Comment by Mike63

I’ve been getting up precisely 3am for the past few months. Or, maybe I finally noticed it. I knew there was some significance attached to it. Now, I know why. I met a Shaman and we were talking last night and he told me to google witching hour.

I got into the occult back in September of 08. The past six months I’ve been studying everything I can on it. I consider myself a follower of the Left Hand Path.

So, the 3am phenomena makes perfect sense now. I’ve been up at that time casting spells and trying to get into peoples heads.

I’ve been trying to find other followers of the LHP. But, so far its been like trying to coral a herd of cats!

Comment by Matt

[...] Why is 3 AM the "Witching Hour"? – For those unaware about the 3am phenomena it is presented by many Christians as being the true ‘Witching Hour’ or ‘Devil’s Hour’ when Demons and Spirits are strongest. This is apparently in mockery of the supposed hour of Christ’s death at 3pm. Since the majority of Western civilisation has at some point become saturated with the bloody symbolism of Christianity, it is understandable that many will think twice when glancing at their bedside alarm clocks late at night… [...]

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I’ve been waking up for the past 2 weeks at exactly 3:07am. Everytime I wake up I don’t think much of it, but I sometimes hear a radio playing faintly and I won’t be able to move my body at all. I told my mom about it and we went to the doctor,I got some weak sleeping medication becuase im only 15. I sometimes still wake up around 3am.

Comment by nicole

Huh. Well, THAT finally explains why I seem to be most inspired to write music at 3am!

Comment by Derek C. F. Pegritz

I was living in a house in pittsburg, ca. There was a whole month where I saw a young boy everytime I walked into the house and he would always look at me from behind the kitchen bar. At first I thought we had a boy staying with us but after the first day I found out that he didn’t live with my family. Day by day passes I’ll keep seeing him and he would always look back and smile, staring at me. I was concerned about this and I had asked my aunt about the child that keeps bothering me. My dog would also bark in the same direction of where that kid is at. My aunt told me she adopted a child back in vietnam but the crazy thing was, she adopted him before he died. She told me that the child would follow her where ever she’d go. The child that I would always see, was the kid that follows her. She had to perform a ceremony to make the kid invisible to my eyes. The ceremony worked and I no longer see the kid anymore. That had probably been my only ghost encounter ever. Though, the ghost did no harm, it was interesting that the kid did not look like he was in pain or what the movies made out of how ghost are suppose to look like. I was 20 years old when I first saw it. Ever since then, I haven’t encountered anymore phenomena.

Comment by Jason Yamamoto

For the past couple of nights, didn’t look at the clock….a man has been calling my name and I wake up……I am not dreaming or anything, I am fast a sleep, I am able to go back to sleep with no problem…my sister heard our mother call her name two days before she died…..I don’t recognize the voice, and it only calls my name once…..

Comment by Linda

I have noticed this much to….. Ur comment and several other even mine are strange 5-2=3

Comment by Sam

I noticed the time of my commment just now was 5:02 a.m. it is now 3:04 p.m. where I live…..

Comment by Linda

I almost experienced most of the written happenings above. For the past nights i have been waking up in between 3-4am..sometimes at almost exactly the same time – 3:13am/3:14am/3:33am…sometimes waking up hearing someone calling my name once…or waking up to a loud sound (to find out something has fell from our kitchen cabinet – it already happened twice)….also waking up with the radio untuned and with a bad signal…there was a time i stood up and tried to fixed the radio tuner, i end up on the 666 band with a clear signal…I am wondering why this is happening to me….can somebody analyze this for me? thanks!

Comment by theseusathens

Yea. 3oclock is definately not the time i wanna be waking up at. Just recently ive woken up and it was 330, i had to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom, soo i get a glass of water and i was waiting for my sister to get out of the bathroom, soo i decided to stand up against the wall, looking out the window, i was saying to myself please dont let anything happen in my mind. Long and behold my t.v turns on out of nowwere, for no reason whats soever. this isnt the first time ive woken up at this hour, ive once woken up at 3 for a week straight hearing footsteps in my attic running back and fourth. it was unexplained what or who it was.

Comment by Brad


Comment by jay

I’m 17 and have been experiencing, ghostly encounters, if you will, for about 2 years now. I’ve seen movies and read tonnnss about all of these phenomena and i throughly believe in it. Last night however was the most terrifying of them all. I awoke at 3am EXACTLY. Would you like to know what woke me up? My computer which i know was shut off, completly, and was closed and sitting on the floor (laptop). It made an extremely loud sound like a fast paced thudding almost and it started playing “All I want for Christmas is you.” It played a few bars and faded away. I could not sleep the rest of the night and was sure a presence was in the room with me, anyone who can speak about this, please do.

Comment by Rose

the same thing happened to me last night the laptop was in sleep mode and at exactly 3 am it started blasting the song “i like to move it move it” so i bolted out of bed and it stopped. the screen was still black in sleep mode, not even connected to the internet or nothing. and the song is not on my playlist. so i just shut it down.

Comment by squealer7

There are actually computer viruses that are made to do that to people. Maybe sheer coincidence at the timing, but also got a virus from web browsing.

Comment by jellybean

That’s frightening. Gives me the chills.
Things like that happen to me, too. Ghosts sure like to play around with electronics. 3 a.m. last year, my television turned on to fuzzy white noise. It was heartstopping. My computer still acts up at night sometimes, even if it’s off.

Comment by Jessi


Comment by jay

its said that people with depression,are more open to the 3am phenomenon,I personally have suffered from it and i know people that have suffered from it and found themselves awake at 3am.I also have had hallucinations for years now,and i can honestly say i do believe in this stuff.It isnt a myth.Possibly,somehow,i think certain people are more susceptible to it,as perhaps they could seem more approachable for spirits etc?Im currentlyputting together somewhat of a case study on my own experiences mixed with other peoples,if anyones interested on having a read.

Comment by winter

Yeah..I had something happen to me one time..I woke up at about 3-5am and went to the bathroom and my nose randomly started bleeding horibly. Could this be why? Email me with answer please. Thanks

Comment by Aeonsspirit

I have been waking up at 3am for about 5 months now. Along with this I get a very scared feeling and I am depressed. Nothing strange ever happened but I don’t know what I should do. I can’t keep taking a ton of sleeping pills how do I make it stop? I’m very scared of this.

Comment by bean

I’ve been facing something similar for about 6-7 months. I sometimes wake up at 3 and some nights i just sleep through. Like maybe i wake up 4-5 times a week. Nothing actually strange happened, other than me getting scared because of random sounds. But i do feel very depressed and strange and slightly burdened every time. Sometimes i even feel like there’s something in my room. For the past 19 years of my life I’ve never been bothered by the dark or staying by myself but this is getting very hard. And having someone with me doesn’t always help. I tried sleeping pills but they just make me more paranoid, for some reason. I hate the feeling i get at this time and i hate the effect it’s having on me. Did you ever find a solution?

Comment by Booe

A few days ago i was up on my xbox live playing with friends until about 2:45. I laied down and put in my mp3 player to help me relax and get to sleep. Then my bed started to shake. Not violently but it was enough so i could tell it was happening. i quickly turned on my lamp next to my bed and glanced around my room. I was not scared. My mom just recently passed so i had a sense she was either trying to contact me or protect me from something. I looked at the clock and it was 3:17. I then started to look at pictures of my mom and i quickly fell asleep with peaceful and happy dreams. (my point is it might not only be bad things that are more powerful at 3.Maybe deiced humans are as well

Comment by nick

[...] interesting theory is that Christ was allegedly killed at 3pm, so what with 3am being the inversion of this time, it is the [...]

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I am writing a true supernatural story, it is part of my auto-biography, the title Dark Seeds- 3 A.M. My experience was in 1974, look out for the book this year, hope one day it goes into a film.1974 it some time ago, and I only found out about the 3 a.m phenomenon last year, Debz.

Comment by Debz Lowry

I experience this thing too. For the last 2 month I wake up between 3-4 am. I can not go back to sleep, even if dawn catches me in bed, trying to do so. I must say that this thing happens no matter in which house I sleep. About a year ago, before waking up at 3.33, I had a bad dream. It’s like I was confronting something that haunted me. I’ve asked the name. It responded and it gave me a very odd name.(I really don’t remember the name, – I freaked out). I woke up sweating cold, with high fever. from that moment on, I really don’t care who or what or… But it pisses me off that I can not sleep. :(

Comment by Paraschiv Elena

this is weird..i was reading a book 666..the number of the beast..i finished my story n i got reay scared..thinking thers someone watching me..n din realise but the time was 3 a.m..i got up went for a bath and really got freaked out.and heard dogs crying outside on streets.and im really curious to know about all let me knw if u knw any interesting books and movies regarding this 3 a.m phenomena

Comment by dustedembrace

Day before yesterday I woke up at 3:15 in the morning and went to the bathroom. I left the door open since my husband was asleep and there was no one else in the house. All of a sudden, a lite turned on down stairs and i could clearly see the brightness from the up stairs bathroom. the light stayed on for about 10 secondes then turned off. Now i’m scared to get up and use the bathroom at night……..this is the first time something like this has ever happend to me.

Comment by ronnie

My son told me yesterday that last monday he was awake watching tv it was 3am and he needed to shower,he left the tv on the light on and locked the door,while he was showering the water shut off,when he checked the sink there was no water,as he left the bathroom his door was opened and tv was off,he went downstaris and the water valve had been shut off,as he ran upstairs he turned the living room light on and went to kitchen,just then the living room light went off,he ran to my wifes room to see if she had turned the water off and she was sound asleep along with his two brothers,ther is no way anyone would have turned the water off,i work nights and this has me really concerned,my other son said he heard dishes breaking at this same time another day and everyone was asleep,im going to have my house blessed by my parish priest,it has been blessed before though.

Comment by paul loya

when i was 18, im now 31,i woke up@3:33 on my couch in the basement to fing someone standing @ the ehd, glaring at me. i couldn,t move though i was trying to. i forced myself awake and woke up my boyfriend. he calmed me down and i fell back asleep. the same person who was glaring at me then rolled out of the back hallway, summersault style, stood up and glared @ me again. i was freaked out and couldn.t move once again. a psychic told me it was my angry twin from a past life and to apologize to him. i did, and he stopped bugging me. but, recently, i was sleeping atvmy parents newer house on the couch, my feet facing a cemetary, when i experienced sleep peralasys and felt a presence in the room, which appeared as a shadow with a hat on. i always think i,m about to wake up and be free, but the paralysis persists as my mind runs like movie reels… it.s so creepy. it happens every now and then… if the feng- shui is wrong. i have always been in tune to what most others can not see or concieve… anyone else?

Comment by angeline

Yes! I have seen dark figure and I have talk to them they told me to believe in “god” when I had no faith, I also wake up at 3 am for years now, I also know things before they happen in my life. My dreams come true I tell poeple things to be aware of and it happens, I lost friends cause they think I’m nuts. but i do believe we are visited at night either by good or bad spirits based on are own spiritual chioce. I dont worry about it much no need to be scared

Comment by Miro

and it,s not 6:40pm…. it is 5:44 am. odd…. plus.. my birthday is 09-09… which are 6′s upside down… 9 is the magic number also… is this why i swnse these rhings? what are some of your birthdays? i,m curious… and numerology #’s? let’s piece this together with science people…. find out what’s REALLY going on…

Comment by angeline

No one has posted in a cpl months but I just came across this and figured I’d share anyways.

I’ve experienced “paranormal activity”, I guess you could call it, since I was 8 years old. I’m 22 now. All of my experiences up until the age of 15 had occurred between 3 and 4am. I convinced myself I was just half-asleep or imagining things. Even though I would awaken, sit right up in my bed (or couch) and stare at what was in front of me for a good few minutes.

Sleep paralysis is true, it is caused by your mind becoming aware before your body has had time to catch up. But don’t deny the things that caused you to awaken. I’ve experienced every kind of supernatural or paranormal activity you can imagine. There are plents of people out there with the same experiences and plenty of people out there who also try to reason away the truth behind these supernatural occurrences.

3am is a time when us mere mortals are most vulnerable, the negative reflection of the hour when Jesus died on the cross. The barrier between the “worlds” so to say, is weakened and our sensory is heightened.

“Dead time”

Comment by jackie

i would like to say that since about 2001 i have noticed that i almost consistantly wake up each nite at 3 am. i had a feeling that this time had a significance and is how I got to the website in the first place.

Comment by kim

I believe in the witching hour, that it takes place at 3 a.m. Last year around this time some really strange things happened at a small bonfire party at a friends old house. [I'm almost positive it has some evil spirits within it.]
I couldn’t sleep until the sun came out for about a month. I believe I was haunted, there were several incidents at 3 a.m. onward, dreams where I’d wake up screaming. Often there were other witnesses. I had to line my room with sage and salt because I was so afraid. One day I made a bowl of sage and salt and spread circled my house with it. About a week later, I was finally able to sleep again. But yet, I remain paranoid that it will happen again.

Comment by Jessi

I have experienced many of these things for years. Here is the deal: This time of day is indeed a time frame that is high in the spirit realm. The people who are affected are those who have a heightened sensitivity to the spirit realm. For years, I would wake up around the 4:20am hour. I am in the central time zone. Even this morning, I was up at 4 am sharp. But what we Christians are to do at this time is to pray. Get engaged with God and communicate. I believe that we are in a time where everything that goes on in the world is highly affected and even orchestrated by happenings in the spirit realm. So count it joy that God has chosen some of you to be strong enough to be called to be a spiritual warrior or to be connected in this realm. And remember, those of you who are like me that have those times where you know you are awake in your mind, but everything else is paralyzed. And then you feel and sometimes see in your spiritual eye a demonic evil mass trying to subdue you: always try to say in your mind “Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” Eventually, the situation will break.

Comment by Tangie

I’ve been what I call ‘Attacked” at 3am a few minutes before or after, or right on the dot 3am ,tonight was no different than most nights , I fall asleep and right about that time I under go severe super-natural’evil’attacks, it began when I was in my early 20′s & now I’m 49, they have taken their toll on me & have often changed thru the years, the physical is very painful as it attacks all my body now, whether it be gouging out my insides thru my side or pulling my limbs off …I can almost see it at times as the yrs have gone by, I can be dreaming ( clearly tell the dream) then the attacks take hold of the dream & away it goes, tonight I was dreaming ..but a bit awake like always (some-what awake) that my 5 yr old grandaughter was in the downstairs bedroom & I upstairs, she was in some kind of evil distress as I tried to get to her through Prayer (still dreaming), suddenly my older sister that lives in another state came out of the bedroom across from me as if she was suppose to be there (she was not we live in 2 seperate states)..I sensed her presents strongly & she sat down on the bed took my hand ( I knew it wasn’t her) began to pray …but didn’t the voice was saying “let’s see’ ..ummm..then I heard it ‘try’ to began speaking in the Sprirt(tongues) but could not, I was sayng (outloud) I’m not looking untill you show me you’re Cathy (My sister) I felt the hand as it took mine, felt up the arm, but (knew) it was not Cathy, I began immeditley saying ”NO Noooo” it’s not you ..IT was still trying to build itself in intensity in the Prayer, (I sensed such evil)I sat up turn on the light get fully awake to avoid the attack looked at the clock unintenionaly was 301am ..I got up tonight less afraid than usaul & this is the 1st time I decided to do some research for what it’s worth, I have literally been clawed, malled, arms streched untill I knocked over lamps, I have had to try & try to scream untill it finally comes out in blood curling (cries) my kids have rushed to me so many times , & they still do night the kids aout 3-4 yrs ago said…They were watching that movie ‘Gothika” & right when it got to the part of the woman ‘seeing’ the super-natural” I began ‘screaming in such a terror’ they said the scream was of such intensity they couldn’t move, by the time they got to me I was coming out of it which depends on the intesnity of it,I either feel heavliy sedated but to afraid to allow sleep , or I’m frozen in a unexplainable fear, or like tonight I say screw it & get up, I don’t ‘dwell’ on this much but it is a almost every nite occurance, I’ve been prayed for , over, gone up to be healed & 1 person Prayed for 45 minutes & said “I cant break it”..( not knowing) asked me if there was any un-forgivness, or something that happened to me ??… I said No & yes alot has happened in my life, ( alot) then her the pastor and another man prayed same results, Nothing to break or explain it…my father once said..’You must be pretty powerful In prayer for the enemy to want to stop you so badly” He was not saying as a joke,

I’m not a relgious person, I do beleive but have my struggles , i have had alot of depression , sadness, loss in death, near death experinces, (twice in 2 sperate car accidents, almost lost my son to a different one, I don’t know what it is except, it is (pure evil) if you’re really going thru the bewitching hour you will know then, it’s a strong presense that can not be mistaken or explained away as anything eles, I’ve often wondered what It would feel like to NOT under go such Torment for at least 1-2 night together.

Comment by Patty

I will send you someone keep your “eyes” open for the blond chick in the white light. sweet dreams ;-)

Comment by AJ

Hi I suffer with DSPS it means I am unable to naturally fall asleep before 3:30am some occasions its not until 5am Ive seen and herd ALOT of things but never at 3am. I tried to use sleeping pills but kept waking up at 3am in a terrible panic and they never work for more than a week. I seriously think there is something about 3am if you are asleep. One of my friends loves it when I stay the night she calls me the night watcher and says she gets the best sleep ever.

Comment by Angela

Just a thought for all the people that are scared. If you hear things or see things don’t be afraid, fear is a negitive emotion and as long as your fear is there it will continue. strengthen your faith and think positive thoughts. We are entering a new stage of spiritual awareness and forcing us to look beyound the flesh.. Piece

Comment by Miro

I have read minds eye explanations and can understand how things have tried to be explained by blaze as i have had similar numerous experiences.
I have experienced the rustling loud enough to wake me and the old hag syndrome but the awakening with pressure so great on my chest to leave bruises and to give me a sore chest for days cannot be explained and why when i could not move i called my dogs who usually sleep with me came running and as soon as they jumped on my bed the massive pressure released. that was my first experience exactly at 3am. About a week later i awoke to my phone ringing at 3am and worried who it was, answered and all I could hear were demonic voices similar to the exorcism of Emily rose which i thought must be a prank but these calls kept coming over and over again for about ten to fifteen times enough for me to call police on my mobile who also heard the voices. things were quiet for a month then i awoke at three again to rustling and had my normally passive dog going crazy barking at my doorway. Just last night was my last experience with something jumping on my bed again at three sending my dogs running and growling into the other room Along with this came the very strong smell of smoke which made me think my house was on fire, upon inspection no fire no smells outside and still a strong smell inside this is why i am reading this today . I need answers I am not scared but would love to know if I am in any danger and what I can do to prevent me and my animals from getting hurt in any way, please someone must have an answer.

Comment by Glen

I have posted here before and cannot understand why i have been deleted i have been searching for answers or help if any is available please.
I am around the forty year old mark and have never experienced before what i have experienced in the last eight mths,every night at 3 am i am awoken by different things, my first experience was in Thailand i awoke to rustling next to my head the walls sounded like they were cracking and the ceiling sounded as if something was moving around, i put this aside as unexplained and tried to forget, similar experiences kept repeating night after night until i traveled home. My first night back home i awoke and couldn’t move exactly at three again my dogs who usually sleep in my bed were in their baskets in another room, i was paralyzed and there was a huge pressure on my chest and shoulders, i panicked and called for my dog who came running and as soon as the jumped on the bed the pressure released and i was free to move, this couldn’t have been my imagination because i had bruises on my shoulders for days all i did was pray every night after waking at three and i didn’t experience anything physical again untill one night i awoke and my phone kept ringing three on the button i didn’t want to get up but it kept ringing, when i answered all i could hear was the voices of demons similar to the exorcism of Emily Rose movie based on a true story (Annalise Micheal) i hung up thinking it was a practical joke but the calls kept coming over and over not a nice thing to hear at three in the morning, the police were rung on my mobile and they even heard it and suggested i try and block number no record of it so i couldn’t block. The phone has never rung again at this time but I am still awake at three every night sensing something in my room. For the last week i awake to my dog going crazy in a ferocious manner trying to attack something above my bed the night before last it was above my feet and last night above my chest cause he was standing on me, I suggest to anyone who has problems like me to at least have a dog nearby and show him heaps of love because they protect you in a physical and i now know spiritual manner, he makes me feel safe but also proves to me something i don’t understand fully is going on. If anyone can help with any reason for all this so called phenomenon could you please shed some light, I am not scared anymore just want it to stop. If it is some sign i wish i could just understand what it’s purpose is. Hopefully someone can help me.

Comment by glen

i dont want to believe you because these things always sound like a bunch a crap, but then so would my stories if i told anyone. so heres a few things that i think might help.
Be Brave. it feeds off of fear, it wants a reaction, and obviously it doesnt want a positive reaction or it would be trying to play scrabble with you or compliment your complexion, not leaving you with bruises.
laugh, roll your eyes. snort. say “whatever.” or dont respond. dont show facial expressions. just dont show fear.
tell it to get the eff outta YOUR house. get ballsy. YOU pay the rent there, You get to say who stays and who goes. and try to think of this in a different way. dont think of it like “im being haunted and afflicted by evil unseen demonic forces from hell” think of it more like “this doosh thinks it has the right to touch me and torment me in my Own house. i dont think so.”
my grandma use to tell me when i was little to try to be asleep by three. shes nuts but shes right. do whatever you have to do to be and Stay asleep by 3. its going to be hard because all evilness aside, if you wake up at Anytime at night you have a very good chance of waking up at the same time or close to the next night and the next.
stay positive, stay away from negative things and negative people, constantly be putting out love and good vibes. scrutinize what you watch and what you listen to, movies and music i mean. keep busy. air out your place and let the light in. keep it upbeat and cheerful there.
decide for yourself if you want to figure out what it wants. but thats a whole other can of worms and honestly i dont really want to say anything about that. its like trying to mend your relationship with an abusive boyfriend- not the smartest thing ever.
there are some other things that ive read, but i just wanna let you know that ive never really tried these things but i wouldnt say it if i thought it was useless.
so one is burning sage. fairly common. in your room, in your house. annointing your house with oil at the threshholds and what not, although youd have to have a real and strong and proven faith for it to do anything. and then theres always a pastor, preacher, priest, reverend, strong member of the church. the whole deal with these sort of things is that it really all comes down to you, what you believe, and how strong you believe it. you could believe that doing the macarena 3 times before you go to sleep would keep you safe and as long as you had faith that could move mountains it would work.
so i dont have any credentials, but i do have experience and i dont have any reason to lie. only take from this what feels right and what works for you. btw ur dog sounds like a great friend. keep him close.

Comment by lita M.

why does it say i commented at 3:52? its 12:52 PM huh???

Comment by lita M.


Comment by iha

I am not a religious person and am typically a skeptic. About 6 years ago i was in bed asleep with my wife. I suddenly woke up and immediatly felt like an intruder was in the room with us. I tried to sit up but felt 90% paralyzed. I could feel someone trying to hold me down. I pushed as hard as i could and slowly was able to sit up. I didnt feel like it was there for me. I got the distinct feeling it was there for my wife. I felt angry and protective. I got the feeling it retreated not out of fear for me but like it would be back. I only saw a shadow and it honestly wasnt clear enough to be identified. It simply looked like a silhoete of a tall man with a wide brim hat. Really strange. When i looked at the clock it was just after 3am. I got chills just thinking about it. About a year later my wife died in her sleep at just 31 years old. They said she stopped breathing due
to a bad interaction between meds. But not enough in here system to be toxic. Im not trying to say any of this is related. Who knows. Im still not sure what to believe, but i know without a doubt what i felt and saw!

Comment by Hkrick

i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions`;;

Comment by Sodium Ascorbate :

I just read this at 4:30 after being awake since 3:15

Thanks for scaring the sh*t out of me :-)

Comment by Derek

I also have been woke and not being able to move nor yell out for help from anyone i was once told that you could leave your body at that time but it was dangerous to do for the simple fact your body would be left open for the taking….with everything going on in the world right this minute and the things which through time have been collected only to describe the days we live in now i must say that god is real and the devil is here on earth……. if you have ever felt the presence of evil you know exactly what im saying…. you cant describe the feeling of it i believe we are living in the last days…….

Comment by welby

I apologize if I offend anyone by anything that I have to say, but I do believe in GOD, if you believe in right and wrong than you know there’s good and evil, I have learned that the reason I wake up at the 3am hour is because God is saving me, ok let me explain, I am being woken so that I pray to GOD, because during those hours he doesnt want me to suffer (laying in bed not being able to move or say anything, or breath, my heart pounding…afraid…)I never believed in any of these until I asked my mom about it in 1992, she told me to pray next time I had those experiences, please understand I am not a very religious person, so next time I was stuck to my bed unable to move or scream or breath feeling like I was suffocating, which happened to be around 3am, I started praying and right after I woke up and continued to pray until i was calm and totally not afraid. Believe it or not I am still waking up around the 3am hours, oh and one more thing I realized when my name is called out its only the good spirits reminding me to say a prayer, because evil is awake and very well alive at that hour and tries to harm the ones who are not bad/evil… Just in case if you are wondering, what my prayer is during that hour, I thank GOD for being with me and let him know that as long as he is with me I dont care who is against me, that no matter what I see or hear or feel here I trust in him to take care of me. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Thank you for reading.

Comment by Melina

one more thing:) one of my experiences … I was a sleep and could hear noises but couldnt move or say anything, I could hear my heart beat beating very loud, I could feel pressure on my chest and was struggling to wake up, finally i woke up and looked over the alarm clock and it was between 3 and 3:30am (i dont remember the exact time) I was very scared i got up and tried to turn on my light, but it would not turn on so I went back to my bed in the dark, i felt something to my right, i looked over it was an old lady in all black very scary, and super old laying next to me, the second i made eye contact I was so scared at that moment she grabbed my arm and said PAIN, in my mind I started praying to GOD instantly and ran out of my bedroom, I slept on the couch in the living room, when I went back at 6am to get ready for work, my light was on. That was only one experience.

Comment by Melina

Okay..listen.,Everynight,in my home in Beverly Hills,Ca.,while I’m alone and very awake and watching T.V. or online…The T.V. shut’s off all by itself!! There are footstep sounds across the house ,even on the roof and little objects on my table,mantle above the fireplace move to different locations in the living room!! I am probably one of the world’s BIGGEST skeptics on paranormal activity…,I don’t put alot of faith in ghost’s,goblin’s or the boogeyman.,so,with that being said..Does anyone have a LOGICAL explanation for my situation?? And don’t try to tell me it’s psycho-sematic or some other type of “all inside my mind” propaganda. I AM AWAKE ALL NIGHT,EVERYNIGHT!!! EXPLAIN THAT!!

Comment by jay

Jay, I believe you have spirits roaming at your house, you can try to light white tealight candles in every corner of your house, to calm the activity. Good luck:)

Comment by Melina

get a camera and record what is happening and watch it again on the next day with someone else, if they agree with you, then it’s not in your mind and you have to move your focus to your enviroment, if u rule out all the options for explaining what is happening then there is no *logically known* explanation.

Comment by ben

i sometimes feel that somebody is sitting on my shoulders …… nd the area around my neck nd back start to pain certainly…… i cnt get rid of it !!! i ve tried a lot, once i was in real pain wd ds nd subconciously , i first of all begged it 2 go away, nothing seemd to happen nd den orderd it 2 go , by chanting the almightys name …. nd i sumhw felt light nd no stiffness in tht area, bt only 4 sumtym…. and the pain strts to rise most of d times around <> ……. i believe in evryone of you bt dnt believe myslf wd my experiences ….. dont knw wether its all in my head … or is something really stalking me!!!! im afraid :s

comments nd suggestion will be appriciated :)

Comment by pills

konstintos has a book called psychic vampires describes your situation. I am worried for you at least google the book.I odviously read it for a reason i wish not to share.

Comment by Anna Squires

3 am *

Comment by pills

Hello to all!!!
I JUST came across this article and found it quite interesting.
I am 39 years old and can honestly say that as far back as I could remember I have been waking up at 3:00 or 3:15 AM.
Usually I just wake up look at the clock and then in a few I fall asleep again or I’ll go to the bathroom but it’s not like I have a week bladder and thats why I wake up.
When I wake up I usually have this feeling of fear that I try to ignore and if I do go to the bathroom I will turn on every light on my way there (Did I mention I’m 39,6 foot 2, married with kids!!!).

I have always “Dabbled”/been interested in the occult since I was younger but Until this article I never really knew there was a “3:00 AM Phenomena”.
I have always found it quite Weird that this happens to me and now that I have read this I can honestly say that I will be looking up more articles about this so anyone with further info. on this or with a possible reason why this happens Please leave a response.
Take Care!!!

Comment by Ken

Hey Ken,

Perhaps I can share some light. Obviously there’s a reference to ghosts, or demons in this thread. Some question whether it is, others avoid saying it is, but “if it walks like a duck…”, so I’m going to state the fact that it is indeed demons.

In you case, you’ve “dabbled in the occult”, so you’ve admittedly played with fire. You could even open a door it you press it beyond just being interested, but I doubt the door has actually been opened… yet.

I don’t know your faith in God, but these spirits aren’t here to be your friend, entertain you, or be your servants (as per occultist beliefs). But they have found someone (you) who is giving them attention and they are now attracted to you.

Waking you up at 3 am is simply a common game they play. If you look for other “signs”, you’ll probably get all you want.

Dread carefully.

Oh, yeah. I speak from experience. It starts small, but can easily escalate out of control as it did for me and my family.


Comment by Cornel

Just last night at exactly at 3:00am. My computer just started blairing christian music loud! My husband got up thinking our 17 yr old daughter was awake & yelled at her to shut the music off, however she was fast asleep, I went to the computer & there was no icons on to play music, no itunes open, all was closed. I had to actually turn the speaker off to stop the music~ notice 3:00am…weird

Comment by Leslie

I too have had some of these same things happen, like the waking up feeling held down and trying to scream but nothing comes out, waking up as I “fall” onto my bed..dont understand how that can be explained because its not just a feeling, the bed actaully shakes. But I found this sight because Im trying to figure out where the dreams are coming from. Every once in a while I will have a nightmare having something to do with a demon or the devil. And of course when I wake up terrified it is always 3am. It happened last night and i just kept telling him in my dream that in the name of Jesus Christ he had no power over me. I woke up saying Jesus’ name. I was afraid to look..but had to see, and yes, it was 3.

To you that have been “dabbling” in things of this nature I STRONGLY urge you to stop. You have abviously seen it is real and you are playing with fire. You are inviting evil into your life..and the life of your kids. Since you know that one exists, you know so does the other…God! If we are terrified by a small encounter with these things..Imagine eternity with them. Make sure your on the right side of the fence before the gate closes.

Comment by kristy

Hi, thanks for your msg. I’ve been waking up at 3am every morning now for a couple of months and did a search about why that is when someone commented about these hours. I was never aware that there was something significant about these hours. I am a christian, and deeply spiritual and sensitive to the spiritual world (some christians aren’t). I was not naturally this way, I had to learn it through experience and searching and by the grace(power at work in me) of God. I was not brought up in a christian environment and did my own research and studying – I’m a very sceptical person. I do realise that many christians look for “demons in the wood” but I must tell you they are real. (my late sister was involved into Satanism). But so is God/Yeshua/Jesus and at those hours in the morning, I make myself a cup of coffee and then enjoy the presence of God as in no other hour of the day. We, the human race are so bound by a percieved reality that bombards us everyday of our lives. It is extemely important to find a time and place for reflection and practice intimacy with God – meditation on Him and not meditation on self/clear the mind and so. Otherwise we deprive yourself of the deepest inherit human nature, communion with the Great Spirit YHWH.

Comment by Natasha Conci

It’s actually 8am here in South Africa

Comment by Natasha Conci

I know that as a child of 13, I would be awakened by unseen forces and would have vivid dreams of evil or doing harm to others but what the devil means for bad, GOD means for your good. You see, I believe that those who do awaken at this hour are appointed to serve GOD through Jesus Christ and to be receptive to the answers of the questions you may have had or finding the solutions to problems that you may experienced. As a pastor, I realize that GOD rose Jesus from the tomb at this hour after sending Jesus to hell to take the keys of hell from satan and to show victory over satan, the grave and death. The fallen one and the third of the angels that fell with him are always seeking to turn believers and those who do not believe but are called to not see the divine purpose of your life when awakened at such a supernatural hour. The devil is sensitive to all GOD has chosen to serve the kingdom of Jesus Christ or GOD in the flesh. It is a time to say thank you and to ask what you desire of the risen one Jesus Christ as well as to see your part in His grand design for your life in perspective to others ie. your family, friends and people in your environment. Open up your minds eye to GOD at this time in thanks and seek Him to do the things intended for you to come to rememberance and remember that we all have an expected end and it is of good and not of evil. You are all special, believe it or not, but you must seek JESUS CHRIST for the answers and for the tasks set out for you solely to be blessed. Eventually once it is done, your prompts to awaken at this hour will end unless you are to do more at another appointed time. GOD bless you and remember even Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute had a great calling on her life whereby she was the first to speak of the risen King of Kings, Jesus Christ to the very ones who ran from Jesus during His crucifixion…. the disciples. So in retrospect if He can use anyone, He can use you. The devil may make you think otherwise but we are all called to praise, glorify and do the will of GOD. Its at this hour He is just calling to you and the devil is trying to block this blessing. Get on your knees and simply say, “Jesus, here I am.”

Comment by Charles Lucas Jr.

Well, I went through the exact things that were discussed in this article. I try not to overthink it because I do not want to allow my mind to play tricks on me. I have been waking up at 3 a.m. for years and sometimes it feels as though someone woke me up out of sleep because I was in such a deep sleep. There was only one time that I saw someone standing in my room and I felt like I was being hagged. However I do believe in God so most nights when I wake up at this time I usually say a prayer and go back to sleep. It wasn’t until I was telling one of my friends about my experience that I found out about this “witching hour”, she learned about it from Exorcism of Emily Rose. I personally do not watch those types of movies because I have always been a scary person so I don’t bother opening up myself to those types of things. I never really looked into it until now because it happened again last night and could not fall back to sleep so I decided to read up on it.

Comment by Vasi

My friend had been waking up the past month @ 3am and couldn’t sleep, and @ 3am one night, she was already up and was walking home and was killed by a hit n run driver. This has me upset and wondering if this is true. What are the odds, that she posted everytime she woke up on facebook and then we find out she died @ that time.

Comment by Shoo

What you should really be afraid of is waking up at 2:58am -> hearing the dogs bark -> this is the sign of a devilish haunting.

Comment by DjinnCrusader

Finally someone who believes in this is actually answering my question! I am use to having visions, but when I have one that wakes me up and the smell of gasoline in my vision at 3am, something bad is about to happen to somebody. Every vision I have if it is 3am or later and it wakes me up, something bad happens, everytime!!! I am needing to talk to a psychic, but of course the damn internet leads you to these fake ones. If any you know about please tell..Until then I will still be searching till I find one of my own…

Comment by brittney

Its Brittney again, I woke up at 3:15am, and found this site needing unexplained, unordinary questions answered and I posted around 4:10 and this time said I was 7 20 pm. Dunno unless time is different.

Comment by brittney

i recently had a dream that i was floating and hit the ceiling of our house i cant move. difficulty in breathing feels like i was being choked, i felt someone is sitting on my chest. its been a struggled.. when i woke up its exactly 3am.. im to sleepy so i ignored it and continue sleeping but it happened again.. so i pray i put a bible under my pillow,, thats the time its stop,,

Comment by jason

can you please tell me what it is.. it happened to me before but this time it was so weird. in addition to that last few months when i closed my eyes i saw a demons face, i want to think of gods face but i cant its always turn to a demons face mouth being stretch felt like it is shouting on me.. i always have goosebumps.. please someone explain it what it is..

Comment by jason

I’d take charge. Tell it but at the same time belive in yourself and say. “In The Name of Jesus Christ I Rebuke You, Get out Of Here and Never Come Back Again!” In addition I would look for a prayer to Saint Michael, to say every night. Another thing if you do drugs even alchohol one’s body becomes more susceptable to demonic sprits getting to you. The healthier you eat and the more spiritual you are the stronger you’ll be. But you need to believe in Jesus Christ as your God not Satan, unlike the piece of crap Illuminati who look at Satan as their god. I’ve had some issues with a creepy spirit showing up in my dreams I’ve even heard a heavy breathing animal in my room at night before. I’d always respond “In The Name of Jesus Christ Leave Now, You Don’t Belong Here!” It’s always worked. I don’t say it out loud I yell it with my minds voice. For real, I’m not making this up. Good luck

Comment by Mark

Except for praying to any angel – which is forbidden in Scripture – Mark is right on. One must believe in the Lord Jesus to use His Name against the devils…and don’t stop until they LEAVE! If they don’t leave, they have legal right to be there and you’d better find out what it is. Some cursed object (HEX/SIX POINTED STAR; PENTAGRAM; STATUE/IDOL – yes the Roman Catholic idol of their ‘Lady’ is a cursed object that allows devils to stay; demonic books; etc.) will give devils legal rights to one’s home and soul. (Some people have cursed objects in their bodies which need to be removed/dissolved by the Lord Jesus too! Especially those who have been used in Satanic rituals.)

Comment by Lawful Warrior

I stumbled upon this article just after watching “The exorcism of Emily Rose.” I was looking for more information on the 3am thing and was more than pleasantly surprised when I found such a well-rounded article explaining a phenomenon which obviously many people experienced, myself included.

Obviously it doesn’t explain it all, and as I started reading the comments I found many stories that still creeped me out. But what shocked me even more was the stories from people that describe almost exactly what is explained in the article… asking for information while the information is right here… Somehow after about 5 posts the entire article seems to have been forgotten and people just saw this as a place to all post their own “ghost” stories.

I have had many things happen to me in the past that I nor anybody else can explain to me yet I choose not to become a sensationalist and I remain skeptical, let’s look at this article for the beauty that it is, an explanation that can ease your mind.

Fear breeds fear, as soon as you start to think there are demons after you, you will start to see them everywhere, your brain anticipates for something to happen so it will link events together that have no real connection because that’s what our brains do, we like to find patterns even if there are none.

I understand my post can offend a lot of people, for this I am sorry and it’s not meant for that. I write this because I want to point back to the article and hope people will find the answers to most of their questions from reading it again and to thank the auteur for his work.

I contemplated commenting also on the post referring to God, but I realize this will fall on deaf ears. So in mind of not offending people any further I just hope people can look beyond their faith and see that some things are really just human and not supernatural or religious in nature.

Comment by Allysa

Thank you Allysa.

I’ve waited a long time for someone to post a comment like this.

You identified everything about the purpose of the article and the responses it has drawn. I have continued to approve such responses out of curiosity as to how similar the experiences are and to identify the likely reasons behind each.

Indeed, those of you out there that are reading through these comments in hope of ‘salvation’ would do well to consider what Allysa has said. Unfortunately, for many, I don’t think they are willing to look for the answers that lie within. It is often easier to ‘lay the blame’ at the feet of ‘devils and demons’ than to accept something perhaps far more unknowable and terrifying… the self.

Comment by Blaze

Well, Allysa if you’re seeing things because you have clairvoyant capabilities, and perhaps you don’t wnat to own up to it, I feel you’re doing yourself and society a disservice. Don’t know if you have that ability or not but it would be good if you looked into strengthing that God given gift if you do have that because you were given that for a reason. It would be up to you to investigate that.

Comment by Mark

About a year ago I downloaded a bible app and started to read, I read quite a lot and I started having bad dreams about demons and falling into abyss’s, strange peircing noises when trying to sleep and I had sleep paralysis one night, I remember feeling the presence and automatically believed that it was a demon trying to stop me from becoming christian, I remember’d one night the noise was so bad and every time I was turning to god for help, it got louder I eventually said ‘ Look I won’t read the bible again ‘ and it stopped and hasn’t happened again, I relise that was a bad move and I still haven’t picked up the bible, but I do want to, I truly know there is a god because of my experience and want to learn more but something stops me, its not like I have a force field between my eyes and the bible its like I work myself up to read it and when it comes to it, I can’t, I don’t know if I’ve done a deal with the devil so that I can’t read it but it sure feels like that, all my encounters are at 3 am, during my sleep paralysis and I remember in my head I was saying, I love you jesus, repeatedly and it did stop but I also know that the mind is extremly powerful and great time keepers so 3 am could be a coquincidence for most of you but the feeling and presence is so strong it can’t be a mind?, I would like some feedback as to what you recommend and your thoughts towards this, sorry if I dragged on, thanks for reading.

Comment by mike

If you invite love and light in our heart and soul, nothing can harm you.

Comment by Jenn

I’ve experienced Sleep Paralysis for the past 4 or 5 years and just always thought of it as a sleeping disorder. I heard people like to link it to demons and ghosts or whatever but I blew it off thinking it was just mostly others being ignorant over the situation cause they’ve never experienced it. The only thing that bothered me was after a year or two of it happening it wasn’t just going to go away if I kept ignoring so I decided to look it up on the internet.
For the couple years I had all different varieties of experiences with sleep paralysis and it scared the living hell of out me when I started researching because I spoke with so many people saying they’ve experienced one or two or even all of what I went through and it made no sense to me how the brain could do that. I felt like I was crazy so I never spoke to anyone about and I never read about any of this before it started happening, so my mind wasn’t just copycatting what I’ve heard beforehand. How is it possible that, for who knows how long, people all over the world can have this disorder yet experience the SAME things. I get the body’s physical reaction to REM stage getting messed up but why would a human brain for no reason just conjure up a a figure of an old woman or an invisible creature crushing your chest and choking you or the noises of footsteps or the horrible feeling of terror like you’re about to be murdered. For now I’m just gonna say this an explanation for it for my sake of sanity and all but I wouldn’t want to rule out this whole “witching hour.” I’d like to think this world has more to offer than how uninteresting it pretty much is to me.

Comment by Danielle

I always wake up at 3:00 a.m also. I believe something is always waking me up, no matter how deep my sleep is.

I watched Discovery channel “The Hunting”, and they said it has something to do with evil or bad spirit.

Comment by MCR

I’ve been reading through this..i was curious because last night a uhm..a pretty odd thing occured while i was sleeping. My boyfriend and i were skyping, and i had fallen asleep. He usually stays up all night on his days off of work because he works nights. At about 5 am, i woke up and rolled over n saw his webcam was covered up and i asked if he was there nd the webcam uncovered. He asked me if anyone or anything was in my room and i replied no, why would someone be in my room while i was sleeping? he replied that he, at about a quarter after three heard footsteps in my room, but never heard a door open. Then, he heard papers rustling and it sounded like someone was rapidly going through books trying to find something like it was a serious emergency. He also said he heard a female cough, and he knew i wasnt up because i was sleeping in front of the camera, but apparently i was moaning in my sleep. He also said the audio got messed up when it started, like it amplified or something and he could hear every detail. As soon as i rolled over and woke up, everything stopped and i guess it’d been going on for about a half an hour. I ruled out that it was my mom…because why would my mom or anyone be looking through books trying to find something in my room at 3 am for a half an hour? we sat there trying to come up with rational explanations but non seemed to fit, we even tried to fit my cat in somehow. I have had experiances in this house before, i’ve heard a lady say hi to me once and we’ve had some odd things go on with the computer and tv and things fallling off shelves but nothing like this. Also, it just so happens that me and my best friend have the two oldest houses in our town…i just need a few answers, thankyou.

Comment by Carrie

Every now and then I wake up several times in a week with an insatiable thirst right at 3am. Other times I wake with an inability to breathe, as if my chest is contracting.

Im not a religious person but I find something strange about the whole thing.

Comment by Tallis

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Comment by Natural Sleeping Remedies

I am 15 years old and I wake up at 3:30a.m. Every night. I am not religious. I am not Christian and I don’t believe in God or ‘evil demons’. I have never had a incident of ‘a demon possessing/looking at me’ or ‘my tv turning off by its self’ but I still get the feeling that I wakeup at this certain time for a reason. Can anyone explain to me why without getting into the ‘evil’ aspect of it? I have also read about changes in sleep cycles and their connection to 3am which could also cause my waking up, but as I stated. I feel like I’m waking up for a reason.

Comment by Jaden

tonight me and my boyfried were sleeping in the basment and we both awoke two minutes before 3 am. at exactly 3 am my laptop wich sits at our left on my boyfriends side suddenly turned on and started playing V for Vendetta. the thing is…seeing that my laptop cover is completly closed its should be impossible for a movie or any other activity should be happening. also hours before going to sleep we had tried to get that same movie playing without any luck. so why now? why at 3 am on the dot? its not the first time my latop has done somthing strange.

Comment by kira b

at 3am 6 months ago my closet door moves and there is a dark shadow inside nobody believed me at first ……i invited my friend over to see she was so terrified she hasnt called me since this was six months ago

Comment by tiffany

This is really strange, i live in the uk and around 3 am i had someone breathing right in my ear i could hear the voice behind it. Then things started to hapen at all houres. Onece I actually saw the spirit of the old man at …around 3 am! I dint stik around to ask questions and actually moved out in the middle of the night. But 3am is definateley a very strange houre indeed!

Comment by KIM

I had a horrible changes occur in my life a couple of years ago. During this time very strange things happened all around me.I had just lost a little boy(2yrs old) and around the same time I kept hearing little girls giggling late at night when I was all alone. I heard my name called a few times and didn’t answer back after the third time of no response. I would hear someone outside screaming for me even in the middle of the day.I worried a little but felt so drained from losing my son-I thought maybe I was losing it from being so sad all the time. I had a friend cleanse the house and then I moved away soon after. I returned a year later, no longer depressed or weakened by events in my life, I started over again living in this house. It’s been three years with nothing strange happening except for the past three nights. I have horrible dreams and wake up at 3:11 every night. Last night was the third night-I woke up in a panic,I felt someone standing right beside me, looked at the clock(3:11), then jumped out of bed. I knew I had to get out of that room so I ran into the living room. I calmed down and went back into my room with the dog. She jumped in the bed beside me but was in attack mode. She either felt worried for me or sensed what I felt( that there was something in the room). I can’t help but feel a little worried for tonight. The fear I felt was so strong and all my senses were alive telling me to leave that room. have never had this happen before. What is going on and should I try to cleanse the house again?

Comment by sarah

Blaze, I would like to feature an excerpt from your blog in an independent feature film currently in production. “3AM” written and directed by myself. I also would like to show a quick shot showing the Minds Eye banner as my character is reading this blog online. Please respond with permissions if you would allow this. I believe it would be very beneficial for us both.
Harry J Vaughn III
Tracknine Productions

Comment by Harry J Vaughn III

I woke up last night at 3am sharp. i couldnt move, and i was sweating so everything was wet. the door openened and an entity with an lion like head walked in. i closed and opened my eyes, and it had moved closer. i did it a few times, it was just watching me, i tried to scream but couldnt make a sound and my mouth was frozen open. I close and open my eyes again and it is right next to me in bed. Its no 11am. i am still scared beyond belief. Too much doesnt really make sense to a sleep disorder here.

Comment by Line

….Why do you say “supposed time of Christ”?

Comment by RB dog

There is no evidence to suggest the exact time of death. 3pm is a rough estimate of time, but it is not exact.

According to the Jewish method of counting time for that period the day would have begun at around 6am. Therefore, the third hour was about 9am with the sixth hour being about 12pm. So, the ninth hour would have been about 3pm.

If you believe what the bible suggests (Mathew’s Gospel 27:45), Jesus was supposed to have cried out in a loud voice as he died. This was around the ninth hour of the day. Therefore, it would have been around 3pm based on that method of time keeping.

It is not exact and, again, it really comes down to the belief of the individual rather than a fixed event.

Comment by Blaze

I am from the Dominican Republic and in my country i was pushed to believe, by way of culture, that this our is infact an hour in which evil things happen…. for example, sudden death ( by way of heart attacks, ecc.) or accidents. I find myself a 42 year-old today with grown children, away from my country with 6 hours difference(time zone), to be “afraid” when I awake at this times. I read about the doors….i keep finding the door that separates the bedrooms with the rest of the house wide open, eventhough I tell every family member to close it before they go to bed….the problem is that tonight i was the last one to come to bed:-) ok…i’ve sai enough! Going back to bed…..oh, thanks for the article, very interesting!!!!!
Jesus (milan, italy)

Comment by Jesus

My friend left to do something around 3am and hasn’t came back…
I’m seriously worried right now.

Comment by Andrew

I have some strange shots at my lake cabin pit fire around 3am from a few yrs back. One is of a demon and the other looks like a werewolf. I have showed these to some co-workers and they were quite spooked-recently a new hire heard about these at he asked if they were around 3am and I told him yes and he went on to describe demonic possession and the witching hr = 3am.

Comment by Boris

dude man idk if i was asleep or not bro but for the first time im actual fkin scared
iit was hot right
i kept moving
and i removed my blanket
doors closed man
lights off and shitt
it’s wither
i was dreaming
or imaging that
i opened a door
right and i saw a black object that looks like black hay tumble weeds thingy
i touched it
i got an electric shock
nnot sure who told me
but they say it was possesed
so i touched it again
then i woke up or maybe i didn’t sleep and opened my eyes
this MASSIVE pressure was on me man
like i couldn’t move
and and to testify it i tried opening my mouth and i couldnt
or moving my legs
and i heard like
a simultaneous rumbling sound like lighting but real lower
while paralyzed
and then it stopped after 5 seconds
was like .. wtf ran out of the room to my mums bedroom where she’s still awake ahah

So for the bad writing It just happened to me 10mins ago and my fingers are finding it hard to type from the shock

Comment by Jason Huang

I never knew the significance of 3am until I watched The exorcism of Emily Rose. Then I found this. [Its 3am now]. I found this information spine chilling. Though I have not [yet?] Experienced any activity of the Devils hour I have encountered a strange dream very similar to what you explain. .. but during daylight still. Well just thought i’d share that…. I think I’m so scared right now that I may be hallucinating ….

Comment by Anon.

Ever since I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose I couldn’t help but to always think of this hour. Im really creeped out right now. But that’s not why im here… For those of you encountering demonic activity I believe you should pray. No matter what you may believe. Look at it like this …. If there is such thing as demons and evil (and there is) then there just HAS TO BE A Greater GOOD

Comment by Anon.

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